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Spring Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Spring Wedding Invitation Inspiration is a hot topic this time of year!  I think spring is one of my favourite seasons for weddings. Seasonal color palettes are reflective of the colors and changes that are taking place around us. To me, spring is a time for growth, new life, blossoming and starting new. Here in Ontario, tulips, hyacinths, magnolias and...

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Color combination for your wedding that works

Color combination for your wedding that work can seem like a challenge to choose.  We often have one color that stands out that we would like to work with however colors work extremely well when they have another color to reference from.  Just as you see in fashion trends, interior design trends and personal styling trends, you will see that there is most...

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How do I choose a wedding color palette?

How do I choose a wedding color palette?  Choosing your wedding color palette can seem like an overwhelming job to start with.  It’s usually one of the first questions you are asked upon picking a date.  The colors you choose can determine the atmosphere, style, personality and memories for your entire wedding so it’s important to take some...

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Lace Wedding Trend 2013

Lace wedding trend 2013! We can’t believe how hot some trends are right now.  Between celebrity weddings and fashion runways lace is definitely a keeper for weddings in 2013. If you had asked us two years ago what a trend would be in the near future, I don’t think I would have said lace but it’s true!   Source:

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Wedding Invitation Checklist

Wedding Invitation Checklist  Ordering your wedding invitations can be an overwhelming task when you look at all of the tasks you have to complete before the big day.  We are here to help.  Here is a checklist of pieces of information you will need to know to prepare your invitation order. 1.  Bride and Groom’s Full Names 2.  Wedding Date 3. ...

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#3 Ombre Wedding Trend for 2013

Ombre design style is a hot trend for weddings in 2013.  It’s the perfect way to give pops of color in variations yet still keep it simple and elegant.  We are seeing it through the full spectrum of wedding items.  Wedding invitations, given a watercolor effect from top to bottom starting with crisp white and flowing from mint to citron...

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