Budget wedding invitations do not mean that you have to compromise on style to save money.  Invitations by Nature has numerous wedding invitations that can be customized to suit your budget.

Our current wedding invitations include:

1.  Paper-our designs as you see on our website all use top quality, recycled paper. Many of our designs use a heavyweight stock with a felted texture or columns which give an elegant, sophisticated touch.

2.  Handmade Papers-you will find some of our rustic wedding invitations we use a seed paper or a heavyweight handmade textural paper for wraps, bands, folders and more.

3.  Raw Silk Ribbon-we use hand dyed raw silk ribbon because of it’s beauty and uniqueness.  Our ribbon oozes elegance and style with it’s flowing visual appeal and rich colors.

4.  Swarovski Crystals-this is an embellishment we love to use especially for the quality of the crystals.  Swarovski are top of the line crystals that reflect light and draw you in for attention.

5.  Envelopes-our envelopes are high end, heavy stock envelopes that complement our quality invitations.


Here are some ways we can help you save money and design a one of a kind wedding invitation on a budget.

1.  Paper-we have many quality matte papers that can be interchanged with our textural papers to reduce the cost.

2.  Ribbon-our satin ribbon is a luxurious alternative to the raw silk which will help the budget conscious bride.  We use wide satin ribbon in place of the raw silk often so do not hesitate to ask.

3.  Embellishments-Invitations by Nature wedding invitations are bold and fantastic with or without the embellishments.  With many designs, we can change the crystal for a bead or cord or no embellishment at all.  Completely up to you!

budget conscious bride, customizable wedding invitations, budget wedding

Snapshot of items that can be customized to reduce the cost


From the above, you can see we are flexible in our work.  We want you to be happy and fall in love with your wedding invitation.  Do not hesitate to email us and inquire about the flexibility of a design.  We would have hundreds of designs on our website if we showcased every variation possible with an invitation.  All of our wedding invitations can be transferred to a bridal shower invite, baby shower invite, announcement, birthday party invite or engagement.  We want to work with you so we hope you will take us up on the offer.