How do I choose a wedding color palette?  Choosing your wedding color palette can seem like an overwhelming job to start with.  It’s usually one of the first questions you are asked upon picking a date.  The colors you choose can determine the atmosphere, style, personality and memories for your entire wedding so it’s important to take some time and consider your personal style.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when making the decision:

1.  What combination of colors are you drawn to or make you feel happy?

2.  What are three words that would describe my style?

3.  When you look around your room or house, what colors seem to reoccur?

4.  What are three words that would describe my personality?

These above questions are there to support you when brainstorming some ideas.  Surfing the internet to see what color combinations are trendy right now or that intrigue you will definitely help.  Remember that whatever colors you choose, they are your own and should be a reflection of who you are as a couple.  There are no limits to the options that are out there!  Have fun with it and enjoy!