Color combination for your wedding that work can seem like a challenge to choose.  We often have one color that stands out that we would like to work with however colors work extremely well when they have another color to reference from.  Just as you see in fashion trends, interior design trends and personal styling trends, you will see that there is most often multiple colors.  We are not saying go out and select a rainbow of colors however two to three would be ideal.

Let’s begin!

Select a color that stands out to you, one that speaks to your style, your mood, your personality or you as a couple.

Then you will want a base color, one that is neutral to ground your color selection and also make the bolder color pop.  Be memorable!

For example, let’s say you loved the big wedding trend color emerald green.  Great pairings would be:

Emerald Green and Classic White



Emerald Green and Charcoal



Emerald Green and Chocolate



See a theme?  The second color is the grounding color that will make your emerald green shine!  Need help selecting a color combination that works for your wedding?

Find us on pinterest and check out our Color Palettes board for inspiration or email us.

We would love to chat with you about your options!  Enjoy every moment!