Each of us a half.
Complete together,
we are as one.


And we shall become
one to share
all the days
of our lives.


This day our hearts
are joined as one.


The promise of our life
together is as bright
as the colours
of the rainbow


One love that is
shared by two…


We are two
and have but on
one heart between us.


The love we share today
shines from sunrise
to sunrise,
growing brighter
year to year
as we share our lives.


To have and to hold
from this day forward.


One love
that is shared by two
that I have found
with you.


This day
I will marry
my friend,
the one
I laugh with,
live for,
dream with,


We have given
each other
the most precious gift
of all…Love


Our love
a mountain stream,
fresh and clear.
Our love
a prairie flower,
its beauty seen from
far to near


Two lives,
Two hearts
Joined in friendship
Joined in love