Lace wedding trend 2013! We can’t believe how hot some trends are right now.  Between celebrity weddings and fashion runways lace is definitely a keeper for weddings in 2013. If you had asked us two years ago what a trend would be in the near future, I don’t think I would have said lace but it’s true!



Winter weddings: long sleeves will keep the bride warm without having to wear a heavy wrap or jacket. This gives a unique touch of glamour and winter appeal.






Spring weddings: cap sleeves using lace are elegant but still give you coverage for those cooler days. For brides looking for just a touch of lace, a detailed sleeve can be just what you are looking for.






Summer Weddings: going for an elegant strapless gown with a lighter weight fabric and lace will make you much more comfortable on the big day. Go with something that feels light and airy because the last thing you want to be worrying about on your wedding day is your makeup running, and being overwhelmed with how heavy your gown is.





Fall Weddings: this is the time of year the weather could be anything! Here is a stunning wedding gown with texture, detail and of course lace!






There are many other ways you can incorporate lace into your wedding. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Invitations (of course)

2. Wedding jewelery: veil, choker, bracelet, shoes

3. Wedding bouquets: wrap your hand tied bouquet with lace or incorporate it into your bouquet

4. Centerpieces: bands of lace around the vases or layered under your focal centerpiece



5. Wedding Reception Stationery: incorporated into your wedding seating cards, wedding seating chart or table markers

6. Reception Decorations: Sweeping layers draped across your reception room with uplighting or lights

7.  Wedding Cake: Here is a perfect example of how to elegantly with modern style include lace detailing in  your wedding cake!