Invitation can be created in a square design or standard mailing dimension

Invitation can be created in a square design or standard mailing dimension






Helpful budget tip for mailing wedding invitations is to factor postage into your overall costs for stationery.  Stationery mailing costs can add up if you are not aware of the dimensions, weight and location they have to go to.  Here are some things to consider when looking at invitations.



1.  Square envelopes in general cost more to send through the postal system.  Sometimes you can work with your local postal service and send out square envelopes for the same as a standard size envelope.  This can sometimes work in your favor but who wants to risk their invites not being delivered to their guests?

2.  Weight of your invitation set can add up quickly.  When you factor in an invitation, folder, embellishments, response card, response envelope and any other insert cards, the weight quickly builds.  This will definitely alter your postage costs.

3.  Something else to consider when you are putting postage on your response cards, make sure you are aware that a stamp you purchase in your country will not work for someone in another country to send back the card.  You are better off for out of country guests to leave the envelope blank and ask them to kindly mail it back or email.

4.  When calculating your stationery postage budget, don’t forget etiquette reads you are to put a stamp on the response card envelope so make sure you factor that in to your budget.


Here are some ways to save money on mailing wedding invitations.

1.  Hand deliver your invitations!  This is an eco-friendly, cost saving way to connect with your guests.

2.  Instead of having your guests mail the response card back, have them email or call.  You can easily set up an email address specifically for this and have fun with creating your email address.  nicolejeff03132018@…    This option will also save you on your cost by not needing a response envelope.

3.  Work with your stationers to fit your invitation design within your budget.  We are always happy to work with our couples to reduce embellishments, change the dimensions of the folder or invitation card or reduce the number of layers in some designs to have them weigh less.  Invitations by Nature will always work with you to ensure you are happy with your stationery budget and design.

Keep watching for more great stationery tips!