Baby Girl Digital Invitations are perfect to welcome the newest addition!  Celebrate the new baby with this invitation as a birth announcement, event announcement or a baby shower.  Soft pink handmade folder organizes the baby invitation stationery which is printed on lightweight seeded paper. This unique paper has wildflowers seeds embedded in the paper.  Your friends or guests will love that you chose to be eco-friendly.  They can plant the enclosure cards and watch it grow as they will your baby. This baby invitation would work really well as a unique baptism invitation idea.  The invitation set is all tied together with luscious pink and cream raw silk ribbon.  Who wouldn’t love to receive this announcement in the mail with a stunning photograph of your baby peeking over the top of the card?

This baby girl invitation is entirely customizable.  If you would rather have the invitation simply as beautiful typestyle without the photograph or the raw silk ribbon can be substituted for satin ribbon at a reduced charge.  As well, the ribbon can be interchanged with a different one to suit your taste.   We would be happy to work with you.    We strive to ensure your stationery is a true reflection of your style.

Package price includes:
Enclosure Card
“how to plant” card
Outer Envelope


Ink colour and ribbon – various options!

$9.00 CDN each – fully assembled
$7.00 CDN each – assemble yourself
$7.75 CDN each – swarovski crystal®