Peek-a-boo baby blue: One of a kind baby invitations with cream handmade heavyweight folder showcasing your beautiful baby’s photograph. Simply email us your selected shots and we will work our talents with this invitation. Whether it’s a baby shower, baptism invitation or birthday party invite this will be a treasure for years to come. Each insert is printed on lightweight seeded paper embedded with wildflowers so your guests can plant the enclosure card for beautiful flowers. This baby invitation set includes folder, invitation, 1 enclosure card of your choice, an insert that includes the information on how to plant the invite and an outer envelope. Tying this beautiful stationery together is a raw silk hand dyed vibrant ribbon.

Package price includes:
Enclosure Card
“how to plant” card
Outer Envelope

Ink colour and ribbon – various options!


$9.00 CDN each – fully assembled
$7.00 CDN each – assemble yourself
$7.75 CDN each – swarovski crystal®