Color Choices

There is a lot that goes into choosing the right colors and palette for your home, whether it is for interior or exterior paint, or for finishes and final touches.

what color to choose

Are you looking to give your house a new fresh coat of paint? It’s good to give your home an overhaul in the form of a new paint job every couple of years. Some rooms might need to be painted a little more regularly. For example, if you have a play room for kids or an in-house gym, these might need to get painted a little more often as the walls can tend to get stains and marks from contact, getting leaned on etc.

You might be having a dilemma as to what color you should paint your house. Well for starters, it’s not necessary for you to paint the whole thing the same color. Many people like to go for a variety of colors for different rooms, and sometimes even multiple colors in one room. Heck, some people even go for murals in some parts of their house, which can also be a very nice addition and give your home the specific atmosphere you’re looking for.

Gray has been a very trendy color in recent years, including other subtle variations of gray, creeping into white, beige or taupe. It’s important that the color you paint your rooms suits the furniture that’s in it. You wouldn’t want to have clashing colors in your living space as that would end up being very frustrating and for some people can even cause headaches and stress.

The majority of people will opt for a more neutral color, like cream, beige, or other pastel colors along those lines. However, there are a few people who are fonder of brighter colors. Maybe it makes them feel more cheerful. Who knows? But bright colors are especially popular for kids’ rooms, playrooms and the like.

Regardless of whatever color you choose, you should always go through the options so you know what you’re getting into, get multiple opinions from different sources, and keep in mind your furniture and other elements in the house that may have dominant colors and try to color coordinate with those things. You might think you don’t have an eye for it, but trust me, once you get started analyzing colors you’ll start getting the knack for it.