How Safe are Gas Fireplaces?

Having a fireplace is a luxury, but also a responsibility. But contrary to what you might think, gas fireplaces are a lot safer than ordinary fireplaces using wood. Our colleagues in Gas Fireplace Repair Long Island gave us a little run through of how gas fireplaces work, and we learned that they need no matches, no sparks, no soot and produce no smoke or backdrafts. With that in mind, gas fireplaces are still a responsibility you need to take seriously. Here are a couple of precautions you should take with your modern fireplace:

  • Respect the Clearance Zones. In other words, don’t put anything flammable near your fireplace. Keep paper, wood, drapes, books and such things away from it.
  • Keep Your Fireplace in Good Condition. This doesn’t mean you need to clean it every week or month like you would with an ordinary fireplace. Yearly maintenance at the beginning winter/end of autumn is generally sufficient.
  • Make Sure the Safety Screen Barrier is Secure. The saftey screen barrier is a mesh screen covering the glass on the front of the fireplace, acting as a barrier between the dangerously hot glass and any people in your home.
  • Get a Heat Barrier with Double Glass. Normally, gas fireplaces come with a single panel of glass at the front, but you can get an upgrade with an extra pane which makes it a lot safer

With these precautions, you’re all set to fully enjoy your gas fireplace!

Bathroom Styles to Choose From

In 2022 lots has changed, coming out of a pandemic which changed the way we lookat what’s “normal.” With that in mind, we all want a nice quiet place we can relax in a nice tub or jacuzzi with a glass of wine. This is one of the reasons why spa-style bathrooms have been killing the market recently. More and more people want to have a place in their own home where they can escape the world and unwind. Smooth, serene surfaces and simple, organic materials to compliment the spa-like bathrooms is something you’ll see a lot this year; oak-wood surfaces, matte black light fixtures and monochromatic stone slabs.

The spa bathroom isn’t the only hot bathroom style this year. Greenery and biophilia is another one popping to the top of this year’s list. Shrubbery and plants in the bathroom is a very popular choice recently, also with the goal of creating a relaxing space. A lot of people find plants calming, hence the emphasis on green and organic bathrooms.

Open-concept bathrooms with large tiled bathing areas that are not fully enclosed are another style that’s been on the up and up. This is an extremely minimalistic look, and hits home with the artsy types; sporting shower screens, bath mats and most importantly glass doors.

Last but not least, earthy, warm and neutral tones still haven’t gone out of style. People are still going crazy for this vibe, fitting right into the calming and cozy feeling people are looking for in their bathrooms more and more. Especially in California, this style is going strong.

A big thanks to Bathroom Remodeling San Bernardino for the stats and info.